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New Update, New Worth.

Steal, Then Just Escape has increased its price, not because of inflation but because of its new update. My biggest update yet.

The day my game, "Steal, Then Just Escape," was released on Steam was February 16, 2024. "Steal, Then Just Escape" is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Prepare yourself for an amazing gaming experience.

ReTigma Studio

"That moment when you finish a game and just don't know what to do with your life anymore." "Life is short, play more games."

On February 1, 2023, I founded ReTigma Studio.

Steal Then Just Escape is my first game. I created since June 1.


I am the owner or CEO of ReTigma Studio, and the surprising fact is that I was only 13 years old when I founded this company.

This is my profile picture for all of my social media accounts.

And I was 14 years old when I released my first game. I am from Pampanga, Philippines.

Youtube Channels

I also have a YouTube channel where I create tutorials in Unreal Engine. My latest project or game is "Face of a Poor. We will create this together and play it together. We will create the materials, the objects, the characters, and the environment, and I will publish it for free. All these are in the playlist named "Face of a Poor (Game Tutorial on Blender and Unreal Engine)."

Rav's Gaming is also one of my YouTube channels. I play Steal, Then Just Escape, my game, on this channel, live and in video.

The RTS Logo

ReTigma Studio, or RTS, means "R" for "rest," "T" for "tomorrow," and especially "S" for "stop." Did you notice the "!" exclamation mark on the logo when you read from left to right? Well, in programming, it means not or no. The RTS means that do not rest; there's no tomorrow to work for; and the most important thing is that do not stop on your dream or work.

I created the word "ReTigma" using the word "Enigma," which means "mysterious or difficult to understand," with the prefix "re," which means "again" or "again and again.The word "enigma" with the prefix "re" was mixed, and the result would be ReNigma. I changed the "N" to "T." Then ReTigma means to make the world mysterious or difficult to understand. But then, with the use of "! ", the full meaning will be "Let's make the world less mysterious or difficult to understand. We, together, could make the world better and more interesting once again. In summary, ReTigma means that "life was already mysterious, but we can make it more interesting every day."