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Steal, Then Just Escape

This is my first game. By clicking this image, you will be directed to the website of STJE in the Epic Game Store.

A monster dragged you down to its world. Then he gave you a chance to steal his gold, but there were many monsters hovering at every level you faced. Steal the gold, then kill the monsters that are trying to take their leaders gold. Then escape through a series of levels of adventure and different kinds of monsters to enjoy killing.

The Gold

The Gold that you will steal but there are some monsters that will chase you and will take the gold back to them.

The Maze

The Maze is the most hardest level of my game. But here is the copy of the maze because I love giving some clue. I made a maze that has only 90% chance of escaping, but there is a short cut I designed for you to find and escape.

One of the Monsters

Here is one of the monsters that you will see in the game. This monster is the most common among them all. I prepared almost 100 monsters of seven different types. You will enjoy running from them.


I added this update to my game because I noticed speedrunning is what most streamers do in their live. You can speedrun with two types of units: a timer or a stopwatch. When you create a game, you can customize the time or the values of the time for speedrunning.


Your movements are recorded on the statistics tab. When you walk, run, kill enemies, and many more, this is all recorded in statistics.

Improved Inventory Tab

You're able to put your items in the inventory. Examples: your ammos; food; water; skeletons; pots; and also the gold nugget.

Story Line

For the full story, I created a movie for this game and will release it soon.


Steal Then Just Escape

This is my very first game that will be release in November 19, 2023. It is not other than Steal Then Just Escape. It was made from the best engine which is the Unreal Engine.

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